Best Beaches in Europe

There are many glorious looking beaches in Europe, mostly in countries like Greece, Italy, and England and to the coast of France and Spain. The beaches of Europe are very historical and provide you with great excitement when you see them because of their unique breathtaking landmarks. The beaches of Europe are very different from Afro-Asian Beaches due to its cool atmosphere. Thanks to junk pick up Mesa for sponsoring this post!

5. Navagio Beach, Greece

The Beach of Navagio is one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece having also called Shipwrecked Beach due to a cargo fighter buried under it. The beach is very stunning looking and is often visited by travelers. The Beach is U-shaped covered around by the carbonate sedimentary rocks which offer great shades in the middle by its high peak rocks. So, you can only travel in the middle by yacht or a good boat. The beauty of the beach is commendable and is admired by its most visitors.

4. San Fruttuoso Beach, Italy

The Beach is located near the city of Camogli and is greatly perfect as compared to other beaches of Italy. The Beach is very unique and provides some great scenery by its stunning looking blue water that relaxes the mind by its cool air. The Beach is surrounded by green lush mountains which makes the place very admirable by heart by any visitor.

3. Durdle Door Beach, England

The unreal looking carbonate sedimentary rocks, rocky cliffs, and golden colored sand, Durdle Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Europe. The beach is known great for its fishing and swimming and the staff also recommends it due to its greatly pure looking gorgeous water.

2. Oludeniz Beach, Turkey

Oludeniz Beach is one of the most beautiful of Turkey because of its rocky coasts and excellent pure water looks. The beach provides great scenery and stunning views and is known to be one of the best places in the world for paragliding due to its embracing weather and climate by its visitors.

1. Islas Cies, Spain

The most flawless white beaches in the world are located in Spain along to the coast of the Mediterranean on the northern side of Galicia. The Island is completely for someone like nature-loving because the site doesn’t contain any hotels, restaurants or services in view- only seagulls, lush green hills and smooth tides. The beach is only visited for a day because of its lack of service provided.