The Best Vacation Destination in Hawaii

Hawaiian Island is one of the best vacation destinations for the family, lovers, friends, and even for solo travelers. It has a lot of things to offer to all types of travelers such as the stunning beaches and the beauty of nature at its finest. It has a unique charm of welcoming visitors with its aloha spirit. There are numerous islands in Hawaii and each of them has something to offer. Some of the most-visited places in Hawaii include the following:


It is the most populated place in Hawaii. Its capital is Honolulu where you can find all the modern conveniences such as fine restaurants, high-end shopping centers, and lively nightlife.

Waikiki is the destination for beachgoers. Just make sure you wear your sunglasses and fit flops to have protection from the scorching heat of the sun.  

If you want to enjoy the quiet side of Oahu, then head on to the North Shore. You will discover the laid back surf towns and lush green mountains.

Include Kualoa Ranch in your destination. It is where some of the top grossing movies are filmed such as 50 First Dates and Jurassic Park.


It is the second largest island in Hawaii. Many visitors flocked to Maui because it has a bit of everything such as stunning beaches, water sports like surfing and snorkeling, waterfalls, golf course, and outdoor adventures such as biking, trekking, and even a more laid-back nightlife.

Two of the popular resorts on the island are Wailea and Kaanapali. During winter, you will witness the migration of humpback whales. Truly, a beautiful sight to see. Maui is home of farms and plantations such as coffee, chocolate, and dragon fruit. There are restaurants in Maui that feature farm to table concepts.

The Big Island

As the name suggests, this island is literally big. In fact, it is big enough that if you put the other Hawaiian Islands together, they are still about half of the size of Big Island. Because of its size, it has a lot of things to offer to both local and foreign tourists.

There are all types of beaches- black and white sands, waterfalls, jungles, golf courses, and a bit of snow. It also houses Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. You can explore it by car. If you are the adventurous type, then it is best to explore the park on foot. Explore the island’s highest peak to witness the beauty of the entire island.

Check out botanical gardens, rainforest hikes, and waterfalls at the Hilo area. The Big Island is perfect for travelers who love outdoors, especially animal lovers and golfers.

Hawaii is a perfect vacation destination for all types of travelers. It is not only popular because of its beaches but also because of its laid-back lifestyle, the warmth of the locals, the greeneries, and scenic views. It is a paradise on earth. No wonder why a lot of people from all across the globe visit Hawaii.