Travelling After a Breakup; Three Consoling Tips

Quite a high number of marriages end in divorce. In most cases, relationships end with a devastating crash. You might be in a situation where you feel betrayed by a loved one, and you want to forget and move on with your life. Maybe you are wondering what you can do to mis remember your former spouse. There is a lot you can do to heal from a breakup. The most efficient way to start healing is to go for a long trip to a place you have never been before. Find a place you have never visited with your ex so that the memories you had together may not disturb you. The following tips will convince you that travelling is the best medicine for heartbreak after a breakup.

1. Travelling Gives you Control

If you had spent a lot of time with your former spouse, you might have lost some of your self-trust. Everything you had done for all those years was always after a consultation. You had shared your freedom with your partner. To start healing and be in control again, go for a vacation. Travelling is the easiest way to gather your confidence back.  Arrange where to go, what to wear, what to eat and even what to think without asking opinions. When you have successfully spent a good time on a vacation, you will have a sense of achievement. This confidence is the main pillar of healing after a breakup.

2. Find Something to Occupy Your Mind

You might be blaming yourself for the breakup. The fact is that your ex is not an angel. You are not wholly responsible for what happened. If you can not control the guilty feeling and blaming the other partner, you should consider travelling so that you can occupy your mind with different things. Plan well and visit places you have always fancied. It does not have to be far away. It just needs to be engaging.  When you are busy doing something you like, thoughts of guilt and anger will fade away.

3. Join a Travelling Group

Maybe you are finding it hard to escape from your worries. When you are with others, it is easy to forget your troubles and concentrate on the activities at hand. Look for friends who will not remind you of your former partner and together engage in a captivating activity. Although it may last for a few days or a week, when your mind is away from your woes healing process will start. When you travel back, you will have something to cherish, and slowly you will move on.


It is true that a breakup from a loved one is more painful than death itself. Many people may blame themselves for the breakup even when parting was the best thing for both partners. They yearn for non-existence second chances. Shake off that feeling of helplessness and get your life back. Travelling is the best way to kick-start the healing process after a breakup.